Important stuff for the parents or guardians of children attending BOSCAPS!


Important Notice to Parents/Carers

It is important to BOSCAPs that all children are safe and enjoy their time on the scheme. To ensure that your children have a happy and safe experience please read the following:

Arrival and Collection 
  • Parents are responsible for seeing that their children arrive safely at BOSCAPS. We will do all we can to get your children quickly and safely registered onto the scheme, however please allow time for us to get every one in and out of the scheme, especially on the first day.
  • Parents are responsible for seeing their children are collected safely afterwards. At the end of each day children must be collected from the main hall. BOSCAPS must have been previously notified if children are allowed to walk home. Please note: Boscaps is not responsible for any child that is allowed to walk home, after they leave the premises.
  • Children should be instructed not to leave BOSCAPS early – any child doing so must inform a co-ordinator (there will always be one in the Main Entrance Hall). Please note: BOSCAPS does not accept liability for any child leaving before the end of a session.
  • We are hoping that Boscaps will run as normal this year. However we have to take into account that it may be necessary to put everyone into “Bubbles’
  • If Covid-19 restrictions are a factor we will need to know where your child/children would prefer to be which you will need to indicate on registration forms. 
  • For the morning sessions please indicate your choice of sport, dance, or art.
  • For the afternoon sessions please indicate the choice of sport or Dance
1:1 Support
  • We will make every effort to provide 1:1 support for anyone who needs support on the scheme.
  • Unfortunately, we can only provide 1:1 support for the morning sessions. We are unable to offer 1:1 support for the afternoon sessions.
  • Please dress your children in appropriate play clothes (children tend to get very messy during some craft sessions).
  • Wristbands must be worn at all times.
Bags and Belongings
  • Each child will be given a bag at registration to carry their belongings in and things they make on the scheme. Please ensure your child brings this bag each day as it will also have their registration number on.
  • It is preferred that children's mobile phones are left at home. If a child does bring a mobile phone to the scheme it will be kept safe until the end of the session.
  • Please label any belongings that your child brings to the scheme.
  • Lost property will be held in the Main Hall until the end of BOSCAPS. Please claim any lost belongings during this period.
Safety and Staff
  • BOSCAPS have the right to refuse admission to any child whose behaviour is unacceptable or disruptive to the playscheme.
  • Any adult on the premises without a helpers label will be requested to leave the premises for the safety of all children attending the scheme.
  • All co-ordinators and helpers are CRB checked before they are allowed to help at BOSCAPS for the safety of all children attending the scheme.
Medical Attention
  • In the event of medical attention being required during BOSCAPS, the co-ordinators will contact the child’s parents/carers. If contact cannot be made, the co-ordinators will take appropriate steps for the welfare of the child.

Daily Registration


  • All children must register daily. This is done in the Main Hall at 9.30am each morning (entry will not be allowed before 9.30am).
  • Each child will be given a wristband with their name and number on – just give us your number each morning and we will tick you in!
  • Wristbands must be worn at all times.

Signing in and out

  • Please leave your children at the entrance to the main hall and collect them promptly at 12:30 each day. Our helpers will be on hand to help the children register.
  • BOSCPAS only aim is to keep all children safe and comply with all legislation regarding children and play schemes.
  • For any queries please visit the enquiry desk inside the main hall.
  • All children have to be signed in and out each day to guarantee their safety.
  • Children will not be allowed to go home unaccompanied without a consent letter from parents.


  • The daily registration procedure is an insurance requirement and a fire safety regulation. It is for your child’s protection – please help us to enforce it.
  • No parent will be allowed on campus while the scheme is running. Should you need to collect your child early please let us know.

Hot Weather

  • In the event of hot weather please ensure children have a named hat and sun protection on.


  • Please register in the Main Hall daily and collect your ‘HELPERS LABEL’. This helps to ensure that there are no unauthorised persons on the premises whilst BOSCAPS is in progress.
  • If you leave before the end of a session please inform a co-ordinator so that in the event of a fire we do not come looking for you!
  • We are always welcoming new helpers and would love you to join us. Please complete the helpers form on the website. All helpers must be 15 years or over to volunteer.

Fire Drill

  • A full fire drill will be organised during the week. On hearing the fire alarm everyone must proceed to the Fire Drill Point in front of Orchard Block building immediately. Get into the correct line and await further instructions.
  • On no account must anyone return to any building until told it is safe to do so.
  • Children will be asked to get in line according to their number which will be displayed i.e. 1 to 50, 51 to 100 etc. It is important that wristbands are clearly visible at all times and are not taken off during the morning.

Display Boards

  • Display boards are situated in the Main Hall. The boards highlight the days activities and any special events.


  • T-shirts will be given to each child on the scheme and will be given out on the first day.
  • Please state on the registration form your child's size.
  • Recieving a T-shirt or getting the correct size will not be guaranteed if you have registered late, however BOSCAPS will do everything we can to ensure your child does not miss out.